Congratulations Jersey Winners Kate Pallischeck and Chris Horner  

Energy is important to agriculture – from the fuel needed to power our tractors, electricity needed for irrigation, fertilizer for our crops, to the trucks to deliver food to the grocery store. Abundant, affordable energy is vital to our farms and Colorado’s rural communities.

#FarmPower is a collaborative effort between Colorado Farm Bureau, Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) and Keep Electricity Affordable (KEA) to share the message about the need for affordable, abundant energy from all sources.

Agriculture is not only dependant on energy to grow our crops. Our farms are also a significant source for development of natural gas and oil, transmission lines that power the grid we all rely on for electricity and where many of the wind turbines are also located. We use multiple sources of fuel, solar, wind and electricity to keep Colorado farmers doing what they do best.

Powering the farms, who produce the food, that powers you!