About Us


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If you like to eat, drink and drive your car every day, you have a vested interest in the success or failure of family farms and ranches in this state. At its heart, Colorado Farm Bureau exists to insure the success of farming, ranching and our shared rural heritage in the state of Colorado.
Colorado Farm Bureau wants to keep it that way.
Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) was created to help educate Coloradans about fracking’s energy, economic and environmental benefits.  Even though the oil and natural gas industry has utilized fracking for over 60 years, many Coloradans admit to not knowing or understanding what it involves. We’re here to change that.

Our message is simple and clear: Get the facts before you make a decision about fracking.

Coloradans understand that electricity powers our lives and the state’s economy. That’s why we’re coming together to ensure that unnecessary laws and excessive regulations don’t threaten our access to affordable electricity. Together, we can ensure that clean, affordable power is available today and tomorrow.